Kuwait Citizens

General Information

Emergency travel document to Kuwait is valid only for ONE trip and ONE month from the date of issue.
This document is issued only for Kuwaiti children born in JAPAN and expired / lost Kuwaiti passport holders.

Requirements for Issuing an Emergency Travel Document for a New Born Baby

  • Two application forms completed and signed by the parents (Click here)
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Parents’ Passports (Original)
  • The original Birth certificate of the child
  • The Birth certificate has to be authenticated by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • A copy of the marriage Certificate
  • Request Letter from the Father
  • Fee: 15,000-JPY

Requirements for Issuing an Emergency Travel Document for Lost Kuwaiti Passport holders

  • In Case of Lost or stolen passports: Complete Japanese police report.
  • Photocopy of the lost passport if available.
  • ID (Civil ID/ Driver’s License/ Digital ID/ etc.)
  • Two passport size photos
  • Request Letter from the Applicant
  • Fee: 10,000-JPY

Requirements to Renew Kuwaiti Passport through the Embassy of Kuwait in Tokyo

  • Two application form completed and signed (Click here)
  • Four passport size photos
  • The original Expired Kuwaiti passport
  • Status in Japan (For Example: Student certificate for students/ Treatment certificate issued by Ministry of Health of Kuwait for patients)
  • Kuwait Civil ID
  • Power of Attorney
  • Request Letter from the Applicant
  • Please allow minimum one-three months for renewal
  • Once the passport is renewed, the applicant will be contacted.

Notice to Kuwaiti Students and Residents who hold Japanese Driver’s license

  • If you have or purchase a car in Japan, please be noted that driving a car in Japan requires “Japanese Compulsory Automobile Insurance”. Embassy would highly recommend to hold “Voluntary Insurance” to avoid high amount of payment in case of a car accident.