December 6, 2017
The Embassy Received Students from Kumano Higashi Jr. High School

Mr. Yousef AlTarkit, Second Secretary, welcomed a group of students from Kumano Higashi Jr. High school in Hiroshima in order to promote the cultural exchange program at the embassy. The history of their embassy visit has been going on for few years, and Mr. AlTarkit gave a warm welcome to this year’s visitors.

At the lecture, students were briefly explained about Kuwaiti culture, history and environment, and students also studied about customs and knowledge of the Arab region and its culture. They learned interesting information about the country and differences between Kuwait and Japan.

After the discussion, a group held a presentation regarding Kumano city and their famous product, Kumano brush, in English and delivered a gift from school to the embassy. Mr. AlTarkit showed a great interest in the product and the region and promised them to visit there someday.