October 20, 2016
Second secretary Mr. Mohammad AlOthman gives a lecture about Kuwait at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies

Second secretary Mr. Mohammad AlOthman gave a lecture at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (NUFS), upon the latter’s invitation.
Under the title: “The State of Kuwait: A Constitutional State. Overview of the Economy: State Economy, Future Economic Outlook”, Mr. AlOthman provided a presentation about Kuwait’s constitutional institutions: Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government, economic figures (GDP, Budget and trade volumes), in addition to the main entities and independent administrations that contribute to Kuwait’s economic development. Among these entities: The State Audit Bureau, Central Tenders Committee, General Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Planning and Development, Kuwait Investment Authority, Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research…
In the second part of the lecture, Mr. AlOthman explained Kuwait’s promising future economic outlook, especially, the huge and progressive National Development Plan to recover the pioneering regional role of Kuwait and to transform it into a financial and trade center. The plan includes over several mega-projects in energy, education, water, solid waste management, real estate development and transport. Simultaneously, several modern and independent entities were newly established to help promote a business-friendly and environmentally sustainable investment environment in Kuwait.
The lecture concluded in referring to the bilateral relations between the State of Kuwait and Japan as a comprehensive, mutually beneficial and strategic partnership.