H.E. Ambassador Al-Otaibi Kuwait Ambassador to Japan Delivered Lecture and Met with Students at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Kuwaiti Ambassador to Japan H.E. Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Otaibi visited Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, one of the oldest and most renowned national university specialized in languages, culture studies and international and area studies.

Ambassador Al-Otaibi was first welcomed by dozens of students majoring in Arabic studies. After the introductory note by Professor Hiroyuki Aoyama in Arabic, the Ambassador made a briefing on the State of Kuwait, its educational environment and student life in Arabic. Then the Ambassador encouraged students to raise questions or make comments. Several students made excellent speeches in Arabic on their impressions on the Arab world.

The students expressed keen interests in general and the State of Kuwait in particular, and their willingness to visit the Arab countries in order to deepen their understanding of the culture and historic heritage. The Ambassador expressed the Embassy’s readiness to assist the students in any way to help them visit Kuwait and get deeper understanding of its traditions and customs as well as enrolling universities.

Then the Ambassador met with Dr. Hirotaka Tateishi, President of the University and the Vice Presidents. Dr. Tateishi briefed the history of the University that dates back to 1873 and profiles of the schools and academic institutions of the University. The Ambassador praised the initiatives of the university that has long contributed to cultivate human resources that can play active and advanced roles in the international society. Then they exchanged ideas on how to increase Kuwaiti students studying in Japan and enhance academic interactions between the two countries.

Later, the Ambassador delivered a lecture titled “The Path of Democracy and Constitutionalism in the State of Kuwait” at the Information Center for Social and International Collaboration of the University. Mr. Masami Wada, Director of the institution introduced the Ambassador who delivered an hour and half long lecture to the audience filled the hall. The lecture highlighted the practices of democracy that has been peculiarly embedded in the rulers and people of Kuwait through the history.

The lecture was highly academic and inspiring to the audience who gathered not only from the University but also from the public ranging from government officials and members of public institutions, members of local chamber of commerce and industry, and oil companies. At the end of the lecture, the Ambassador opened the floor to the audience and welcomed questions from the audience. The audience raised several pointed questions to the Ambassador who sincerely gave informative and insightful answers to them.