Wife of Kuwaiti Ambassador Extends Aids for NPO in Yokohama

Mrs. Jamilah Al-Otaibi, wife of the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Japan paid a visit to an NPO’s facilities that provide medical care, clothing, food, work and housing to those in need living solitarily in Kotobuki-cho, a small district adjacent to bustling touristic areas in Yokohama City.

Dr. Osamu Yamanaka, Chief Director of NPO Sanagitachi (pupae or chrysalises) and Director of Paula’s Clinic explained Mrs. Jamilah about the profile and the history of the organization that officially inaugurated 15 years ago to assist daily lives of homeless people.

The founder, Mr. Sakurai started periodical night watch with food and clothing to hear needs of the people living on the streets of the town. Dr. Yamanaka joined the activity and started to pro\vide medical care. The mission of the organization is “Never Leave Anyone Alone.”

Dr. Yamanaka brought Mrs. Jamilah to several budget lodging houses to see his patients who are the aged, seriously sick but living alone with minimum public assistance. Mrs. Jamilah cheered the patients up and wished for their recovery.

Upon visiting workshops of the NPO, Mrs. Jamilah brought lunch boxes of Kuwait food, chicken spicy rice with yogurt sauce, to share with users and the staff. They were excited to have unique dish from the Middle East. Mrs. Jamilah also delivered some souvenirs from Kuwait for users for their memory. The users raised several questions to Mrs. Jamilah to know more about her country and appreciated her kind assistance to them.

Mrs. Jamilah extended financial aid to the organization as well. Such of her ardent willingness to assist those in need who are at the fringes of the public welfare’s safety net impressed Dr. Yamanaka and his staff. Mr. Jamilah vowed to continue extending her support for them as much as she could.

Later of the week on 13 Friday, Mrs. Jamilah Al-Otaibi extended additional contribution to the organization. Several boxes full of tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and other green vegetables, as well as 40 kilograms of rice and boxes of pasta and biscuits were delivered to the organization. The users and staff welcomed the delivery with joy and expressed their utmost gratitude to the contribution initiated by Mrs. Jamilah.