Ambassador of the State of Kuwait and His Spouse Hosted Charity Gathering at the Embassy

The Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Japan has organized a charity event to support Japanese charities that provide help to orphans and tsunami-affected people as well as the international societies in need.

During the event, which was attended by a number of Japanese civil society figures, a welcome speech and a lecture was delivered by H.E. Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Otaibi, the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Japan on Kuwait's major historical, cultural, social and traditional characteristics.

The wife of the Ambassador, Mrs. Jamila Al-Otaibi, then briefed the audience on the purpose of this gathering, naming several projects as recipients of the donations, and expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the participants and deepest love to the Japanese people.

At the event, H.E. Mr. Al-Otaibi reassured Kuwait's humanitarian role and major contributions to different world countries with a view to ensuring a just and prosperous world based on respect of human rights and dignity.

During the event, Madame Jamilah Al-Otaibi expressed Kuwaiti women's effective role and participation in social, political, educational and cultural activities to the participants.

She highly commended the moral and human values of both friendly Kuwaiti and Japanese people, pointing to the efforts of the Japanese civil societies in particular to help the needy, orphans, the handicapped and the families who were affected by the March 2011 tsunami.

The Ambassador Mr. Al-Otaibi and Madame Jamilah reiterated their continuous commitment to this kind of charity events and renewed their determination to continue contribution to the societies and people in need.