Kuwaiti Future Leaders Visit the Embassy in Tokyo: Fresh Kuwait-Japan Bond Praised

Five young Kuwaitis accompanied by the patrons and TV crew from “Al-Rai TV” paid a courtesy visit to the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Tokyo to share their experiences in Japan.

The group came to Japan as a part of exchange program organized by “Japan Future Leaders School (Principal: Mr. Hiromasa Yonekura, Chairman of Nipon Keidanren),” and sponsored by Al-Sayer Group. The seven days program in Japan included the tour to Tohoku region, where the strong earthquake and tsunami struck in March 2011.

The youth were welcomed by Mr. Hamad Al-Mulla, Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Dalah, Third Secretary, as well as Mr. Mohammad Alothman, Third Secretary. They shared their experiences of the trip to Iwate and Miyagi prefectures where they got on the Sanriku Railway train, whose cars and station buildings were newly facilitated after the disaster by donation from the State of Kuwait.

They expressed their sorrow for the remains of the massive damage caused by the disaster, but at the same time shared pleasures of observing sound recovery of the region and gratefulness for warm welcome by the local people of the area who showed their appreciation to the donation from Kuwait.

The diplomats at the Embassy appreciated that they shared their precious experiences of Japan, acknowledging that this step will contribute to strengthening the bond between the people of two countries. Mr. Al-Mulla wished them every success in their future life and hopes that this exchange program helps enrich the connections of the two countries.
Youth Invited by Japan Future Leaders School
- Mr. Musaed Al-Musaed (Kuwait Municipality)
- Mr. Ali Al-Jdeie (Kuwait Municipality)
- Ms. Noof Almuzaini (Kuwait Ministry of Finance)
- Ms. Wadhah Aladasani (Kuwait Ministry of Finance)
- Ms. Sakina Al Azmi (Kuwait Ministry of Finance)
-Ms. Suzan Chehab (Al-Sayer Group)
-Mr. Bader Faisal Al-Sayer (Al-Sayer Group)
-Mrs. Nourah Alfahad (Teacher, Kuwait Governmental School of Handicapped)