Fishing Boat of Fukushima Fishery Union Launched as Another Symbol of Reconstruction: H.E. Mr. Al-Otaibi, Ambassador of the State of Kuwait Takes Pride in Kuwaiti Contribution to the Process

H.E. Mr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Otaibi, the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Japan hailed the Japanese people and authorities’ devotion to the reconstruction efforts from the East Japan Great Earthquake and the tsunami disaster, and expressed that it is the pleasure of the State of Kuwait to take part in the reconstruction process when he received a report on the Launching Ceremony of the 21st Gon-ei Maru Fishing Boat, belonging to Nakanosaku Fishery Cooperative Society, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture.

The ceremony was held at the main factory of Kidoura Shipyard, Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture. Mr. Tanoshi Yoshida, Chairman of Nakanosaku Fishery Cooperative Society, Mr. Kazui Yoshida, President of Marunaka Fishery Co., Ltd. and Mr. Yoshida, Captain of the newly launched the 21st Gon-ei Maru welcomed guests at the ceremony. Officials of Japanese Red Cross Society also attended the ceremony.

The new fishing boat, 199 tons, was build with the cost of total 864 million yen. The donation from the State of Kuwait delivered via Fukushima Prefecture worth10 million yen was utilized to purchase some components of the boat.

The ceremony was conducted by the Japanese traditional Shinto style. Rice cakes were thrown from the shipboard to the audience. Then the ropes cutting ceremony was held. At the same time of the rope-cutting, wine bottles were thrown for break and the huge decoration ball was opened. Then the marching music started and echoed throughout the dock. The boat slowly moved towards water.

Donation from Kuwait was utilized to purchase two sets of searchlights. They are located on the bow and the side of wheelhouse of the boat. On each of the lights and stabilizers, stickers of the flag of the State of Kuwait and the Japanese Red Cross Society were pasted. The sticker says, “This equipment was donated to the Gon-ei Maru by the State of Kuwait in collaboration with Japanese Red Cross Society.”

It was reported that the people attended the ceremony expressed deep appreciation to the donation from the State of Kuwait extended to the fishing boat rehabilitation project. H.E. Ambassador Mr. Al-Otaibi was pleased to see the boat and wished the boat and fishermen further prosperity and fortune in fishing.

(Photos: Courtesy of Japanese Red Cross Society)