New Train Cars to be Introduced by Aids from Kuwait to Iwate Sanriku Railway: Initiative of H.E. Mr. Al-Otaibi, Ambassador of Kuwait to Japan Yields Fruits

Iwate Nichinichi Newspaper reported on Wednesday that Sanriku Railway Company disclosed its plan to introduce three new train cars by the contribution from Kuwait. The cars are meant to replace the three old cars used to operate on the South Rias Line but became out of order damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The new cars will start their operations on February 2013. According to the Sanriku Railway Company, the new cars have bigger windows compared to the current ones, and secure wider space between the seats which will be also changed to more comfortable ones, with more Japanese traditional style atmosphere. Another feature of the new cars is barrier-free measures, such as no boarding steps and equipments for wheeled chairs. It is reported that the price of a new car is about 150 million yen (about 1.875 million USD). H.E. Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Otaibi, Ambassador of Kuwait to Japan has been working on the related authorities to make use of the donation from the State of Kuwait for rehabilitation of Sanriku Railway, for the sake of local people to secure their daily transports.

(Images by the Courtesy of Sanriku Railway Company)