H.E. Ambassador Al-Otaibi hosts a dinner in honor of H.E. Mr. Matsutomi, Director General of Middle Eastern and African Affairs Bureau, MOFA

Kuwaiti Ambassador to Japan H.E. Mr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Otaibi hosted the dinner in honor of H.E. Mr. Shigeo Matsutomi, Director General of the Middle Eastern and African Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan. Addressing attendees at the dinner, H.E. Mr. Al-Otaibi delivered the opening speech by expressing his gratitude for H.E. Mr. Matsutomi to make every effort toward maximizing the cooperation between Japan and the Middle East and the Islamic countries as a whole. In response, H.E. Mr. Matsutomi showed his appreciation to H.E. Mr. Al-Otaibi for this occasion, and noted that the Japanese government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs are keen on, working hard, and making commitment to enhance the bilateral relations with each country in the Middle East, Africa, and the South Asia. And H.E. Mr. Matsutomi also emphasized the importance of making maximum efforts to deliver the successful events for the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Japan Kuwait diplomatic ties.

Among the honor guests at the dinner were:
H. E. Mr. Saeed Ali Al-Nowais, UAE Ambassador
H. E. Dr. Khalil bin Ibrahim Hassan, Bahrain Ambassador
H. E. Dr. Walid Mahmoud Hussein Abdelnasser, Egyptian Ambassador
H. E. Mr. Khalid bin Hashil bin Mohammed Al-Muslahi, Oman Ambassador
H. E. Mr. Ahmed Araita Ali, Djibouti Ambassador
H. E. Mr. Noor Muhammad Jamani, Pakistani Ambassador
H. E. Dr. Samir Arrour, Moroccan Ambassador
H. E. Dr. Abdul Aziz A Bin Almas Turkistani, Saudi Arabian Ambassador
H. E. Mr. Demiye Zuher Haddad, Jordanian Ambassador
H. E. Mr. Yousef Mohamed Bilal, Qatari Ambassador
H. E. Mr. Bouna Semou Diouf, Senegal Ambassador
Mr. Masanori YAGI, Senior Deputy Director of the Second Middle East Division of MOFA