Mrs. Jamilah Al-Otaibi to receive interview by Japan Bread and Cake Newspaper Co., Ltd., at the Residence

Mrs. Jamilah Al-Otaibi, wife of Ambassador of the State of Kuwait, received interview from the President and editorial staff of Japan Bread and Cake Newspaper Co., Ltd., at the residence of the Ambassador. Mrs. Jamilah introduced all ingredients and steps to cook two traditional Kuwaiti cuisine, “Khoub Orog”, simple Kuwaiti bread, and “Merbian”, traditional Kuwaiti dish consisting of onions, shrimp and rice. After cooking those two dishes, Mrs. Jamilah invited President Mr. Sugata and correspondent Ms. Watanabe to sit and eat together, and answered questions from their interview.
The interview was centered on explanation of Kuwaiti cuisine and cooking, way of life, customs and traditions, the ordinary life as wife of Ambassador and explanation about foods cooked for official parties and receptions at the Residence. The interview is expected to be published in the New Year edition of January of the newspaper.