H.E. Ambassador Al-Otaibi hosts a dinner for newly appointed Ambassadors in Tokyo

Kuwaiti Ambassador to Japan H.E. Mr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Otaibi and Madam Jamilah Al-Otaibi hosted the dinner in honor of the newly appointed Ambassadors in Tokyo. Addressing attendees at the dinner, H.E. Mr. Al-Otaibi delivered the opening speech by wishing Their Excellencies’ future success and stated that in order for the Ambassadors from different countries to expand their own diplomatic missions to a greater extend in Japan, it would be beneficial for all Ambassadors to learn and exchange different ideas by close liaison with each other. Their Excellencies agreed on the H.E. Mr. Al-Otaibi’s statement and hold a broad and productive exchange of views on a wide range of issues.

Among the honor guests at the dinner were:
・Greek Ambassador H. E. Mr. Nikolaos Tsamados and Madam Yasmine Lawand-Tsamados
・Syrian Ambassador H. E. Dr. Mohamed Ghassan Al-Habash and Madam Samara Al-Nabulsy
・Qatari Ambassador H. E. Mr. Yousef M. Bilal and Madam Jamila Al-Suwaidi
・Iraqi Ambassador H. E. Mr. Lukman Abduraheem Abdulkareem Faily and Madam Lameis Faily
・Sudanese Ambassador H. E. Mr. Abdun Tarkuk Mataweet Aheer
・Mauritanian Ambassador H. E. Mr. Yahya Ngam and Madam Aissata Bal