Emb-KWT Para-Olym games

The Embassy of the State of Kuwait paid high tribute and celebrated the successful performance of the Kuwaiti disabled (those with special needs) athletics team in the First Asian Young Disabled Games Championship held in Tokyo in September, 2009.
The Embassy was so delighted to celebrate the team’s reaping of 3 gold medals and 6 silver ones in this continental championship. The Kuwaiti team was challenging, displayed high skills, showed high sense of competitiveness and determination, and achieved prideful harvest. On this memorable occasion, H.E. Ambassador Abdul-Rahman Al-Otaibi received at his office on September 14th Mr. Nasser Fahd Al-Ajmi and the accompanying doctor of the Kuwait team, MD. Bassam Al-Qasrawi.
H.E. highlighted the big importance and unfailing support the State of Kuwait gives to its fellow citizens from among those with special needs (the handicapped people) who constitute an endeared layer of the national social texture endowed by the fatherly care of the national political leadership headed by H.H. Emir of the country May Allah continue to protect and bestow His Blessings upon him. H.E. Ambassador also hinted to H.H. the Emir’s commitment to reaching out to them, facilitating all the difficulties facing them, and providing them with all what they need for their smooth integration in the Kuwaiti society as an active human power in all sectors of the national development process, especially in the field of sports.
Besides, H.E. Ambassador praised the team players’ determination to embrace victory, which he considers important for holding high the name of the State of Kuwait in international competitions, especially as Disabled sports is given unfailing care by H.H. emir of the State of Kuwait and his well-steered government. He also stressed that the participation of the Kuwaiti disabled sports youth in this big Asian competition demonstrates that Kuwaiti sports has great and distinguished technical potential, and that the success achieved this time is a considerable incentive for more and better achievements in the future.
For its part, our team thanked and appreciated high the efforts, the importance, and the presence the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Tokyo generously displayed, stressing that this has encouraged and supported the team.
In the end of the games a closure ceremony was held, at which parts of Japanese folklore were performed as well as examples of the progress of this beautiful country were displayed.