Ramadan Fast-breaking Party & Gregean Tradition Celebrations

H.E. Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Japan Mr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Otaibi and his respected spouse held the embassy annual Ramadan fast-breaking Party at his residence last Saturday 5 September, 2009. Heads of Arab diplomatic missions in Tokyo, their families, and the embassy members attended the party.
This party also witnessed the embassy celebration of the Kuwaiti popular festive tradition of Gergean which falls on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of the Holy Month of Ramadan and whose celebrations starts after the fast-breaking time of these days.
H.E. ambassador and his respected spouse explained to the present this tradition which is one of the most important popular celebrations children await every year. In the past they used to celebrate it by counting the neighborhoods they would visit and the houses they would knock their doors, while their mothers would sew Gergean bags and buy sweets and nuts in preparation for this traditional occasion.
They also explained that the popular word Gergean means that which is mixed and variegated. Besides, H.E. Ambassador talked about the leading role of the State of Kuwait in extending help and assistance to the Muslim communities, its commitment to the Islamic unity, and its role in the international arena, making it the focus of the whole world. And he emphasized the importance of the unity of the Muslim community and its harmony with other communities in Japanese society.
H.E. Ambassador expressed his happiness with meeting Excellencies Heads of Arab diplomatic missions and their respected families in Tokyo on this occasion, which increases understanding and cooperation and strengthens social bonds especially in the Blest Holy Month of Ramadan.