Kuwait partakes in Tokyo's Pakistan donors conference

Kuwait participated in the Pakistan Donors Conference, co-hosted by the Japanese government and the World Bank.
Ambassador to Japan Abdulrahman Al-Otaibi had headed Kuwait's delegation to the conference, adding that Kuwait took part in the event as an observer and as a member of the international group supporting the Pakistani government.
Al-Otaibi thanked in his address to the conference, the Japanese government's efforts to host such an event aimed at helping the Pakistani government to overcome the global crisis and the problem of terrorism in Pakistan. "Kuwait is keen on creating a more stable and peaceful global community," said the Ambassador, adding that Kuwaiti and Pakistan were always linked by strong ties and mutual interest to develop relations amongst them. The conference's 31 participating states and 18 international agencies and organizations would give Pakistan a sum of USD 5.28 billion within two years to help it face problems of terrorism and the global credits crunch.