Embassy in Japan held the third Arab-Japanese week festival derived from the Arab Day, assigned by the Arab Ambassadors' Council in Tokyo.
An embassy statement issued Thursday that the council chose Kuwait Embassy to organize the reception and supervise the festival events, held in Mandarin Hotel with the participation of 400 Japanese politicians, economic figures and prominent members of the society, in addition to other diplomats in the country.
The Arab Day in Japan was held last year with great success.
Princess Takamado is the guest of honor in this festival, in addition to Tokyo Governor, and Head of the Arab-Japanese Society.
Chief of the Arab Diplomatic mission in Japan the Qatari Ambassador Riyadh Al-Ansari and Princess Tokamado presented speeches on this occasion, dealing with Arab-Japanese relations and ways to develop them.
The Arab Ambassador's Council prepared a publication including information on each Arab country, and was distributed in the reception.
The week also includes a seminar, art exhibition and musical performance.