Japan''s university seeks ties with Kuwaiti schools -- ambassador Education

Meiji University, one of Japan's oldest and prominent private universities, showed strong interest in stepping up educational and scientific relations with Kuwaiti universities, head of the school said.
Professor Hiromi Naya, the President of Meiji University, made remarks during his meeting with Kuwaiti Ambassador to Japan Abdulrahman Al-Otaibi, .
"Meiji University intends to give more special care to cooperation with Kuwaiti universities and to make all efforts possible so that we will see fruitful scientific results and more effective mutually cultural understanding between both the academic and popular circles in Japan and Kuwait," President Naya was quoted as telling Al-Otaibi.
Al-Otaibi paid an official visit to Meiji University in Tokyo in the framework of a program the Kuwait embassy is promoting academic relations between Kuwaiti and Japanese universities, according to the embassy.
While praising Al-Otaibi for his initiative, Naya and other professors stressed the need of creating the sustainable and appropriate ways to expand educational and scientific cooperation between Kuwaiti and Japanese universities, expressing hope that authorities of both countries will take the lead in initiating moves.
Meiji University has been studying the possibility of joining hands with foreign universities, with focusing on the Middle East region, Naya explained.
On his part, Kuwait's top envoy here affirmed that his country is making its target to benefit from the globally recognized Japanese university's experience more effectively in both quantitative and qualitative terms.
"Our desire and orientation toward further promoting such ties with Japan are stronger than ever before," Al-Otaibi told Naya.
"The modernizing reconstruction process Kuwait has embarked on since Liberation in 1991 has always capitalized on education and science promotion, especially through cooperation with countries globally accredited in these vital fields," the ambassador stressed.
According to the embassy, the ambassador plans more visits to other prominent Japanese universities.
Established in 1881,the university has so far cultivated cooperation relations with such Asian countries as Malaysia and Indonesia.
A growing number of Japanese universities have been heading towards internationalizing their study and research efforts through cooperative networking with universities around the world.